DMX digital LED strip lights

DMX digital LED strip lights
DMX led strip,led strip lights,addressable strip. It can work with DMX single, no decoder required.
Waterproof DMX Digital LED strip light is flexible and easy to bend. The waterproof material is made of soft sicilon, and the strip light is IP65. There are 210pcs SMD 5050 leds for the waterproof DMX Digital LED strip lights, which can get the changing modes like waterflow, chasing, gradually changing, flashing, diffusing and other kinds of colorful performance under the control of offline controller with SD card. It is ideal for advertising signs, indoor decration and other kinds of edge lighting, etc. Many pcs of such strip lights can be connected together and the waterproof connectors are used for connection parts, which makes sure the waterproof function of the whole unit.
Feature of magic digital led strip :
LED quantity: 210 pcs RGB SMD5050
waterproof material: soft sicilon tube
Size: 5000*15*4mm
Working condition: dc12v
Protection: IP66
1-LED can be cut, 3LED a pixel unit.
color changing modes like waterflow, chasing, gradually changing, flashing, diffusing and other kinds of colorful performance
Controlled by offline controller with SD card or DMX console
electrical parameter of dream color led strip :
Working voltageDC12v
Working current 4.2A
Power: 48W per ROLL
Color RGB
Beam angle 120 degrees
Life span 30000H
IP Rating IP66


DC 24V LED strip lights with constant current electronic parts inside

DC 24V LED strip lights with constant current electronic parts inside Would you require some LED Strips without color and brightness difference in continuous length, such as 10m, 15m or 20m? It’s available in our company. The features are as following: 1. DC24V input: With constant current electronic parts inside, while DC 24V constant voltage input, no need any constant current driver. The application is very convenient. 2. Length: Continuous 10m with one End Power Input; Continuous 20m connection with both ends power Input. 3. LED: SMD5630(Samsung Available), SMD2835, SMD3528(Normal Bright and Super Bright) ,SMD5050, SMD3014 are all available! 4. Brightness: Single-Line can reach 1750lm/m. Double-Line can rach 2880lm/m. 5. Heat Dissipation: To ensure the nice heat dissipation,we only use 80% of the rated current of the LED, even we only use 60mA of the SMD5630( it can stand 150mA/LED itself). 6. It’s with Temperature Sensor: When the temperature of the LED go ups, the current of the LED would turn down itself to protect the LED. The life time would be longer in this way.


UL listed IP65 E26/E27/E39/E40 LED Retrofit Corn light Bulbs

UL listed IP65 E26/E27/E39/E40  LED Retrofit Corn light Bulbs.

We launched a new series of 110lm/w IP65 LED Corn bulb with 5 years warranty, CE, RoHS approved. We have passed the UL pre-test, and making the UL now, will pass at the early of November. Please see the detail as below.
E26/E27/E39/E40  LED Retrofit Corn Bulb Series
12W~150W are Available

1. Use High bright Samsung SMD5630 LED chip
2. High lumen output reach 110lm/W
3. Free from dust and waterproof, reach IP65 rated
4. Small, Light weight and compact structure
5. The diameter of lamp: D70 / D90 / D130
6. Viewing anglel: 180 & 360 degree
7. Low heat output and built in cooling system
8. Direct replacement for CFL, Sodium, Metal Halide Lamps


Mini version LED digital pixel controller

Mini version LED  digital pixel controller /Compatible with all common ICs/ 360 pixels range
Radio frequency SPI controller. Benefiting from years of designing and building LED Colour Controllers, Built a reliable, easy to install, user friendly, good value unit.
—Compatible with the following common ICs: TM1804, TM1809, TM1812, UCS1903, UCS1909, UCS1912, UCS2903, UCS2909, UCS2912, TM1803, TLS3001, TLS3002, LPD6803, LPD1101, D705, UCS6909, UCS6912, LPD8803, LPD8806, WS2801, WS2803, WS2811, WS2812, P9813

—Controlling 360 pixels at most

—16 lighting mode selection , eg.: 7 colors smooth/ 7 colors Horse Race/ 7 colors float…….ect.

— 4096 / road grey scale (Similar products on the market is 256 ), use CR2032 button batteries, Low power consumption, strong anti-interference and long lifespan.


LED underwater fishing lights

LED underwater fishing lights

In the guidelines of the light , planktonic microorganisms will gather. Fishes will be  attracted to follow. So it will be easy to fishing.
Suitable for:
1. the transformation of large fishing vessels
2. light cover nets, sea fishing
3. cage, small fishing nets
4. silver fishing nets, modified nets by fishermen
5. ponds, lakes for fishing

Applicable fishes: chinook salmon, trout, squid, octopus and pike and so on.


LED Strips with Osram LED and USA IC

LED Strips with Osram LED and USA IC.
It is with following features:
1.      Constant Current version with DC24V Constant Voltage Input, no need of special driver
2.      50,000-80,000 Long Life Cycle
3.      2000lm/m
4.      130lm/W
5.      CRI(Ra)≥80
6.      Continuous Length of 10m or 20m without brightness and color difference.
7.      Temperature Sensor to do self-protection when the temperature gets high.


H4 LED headlight, 30 watt LED automobile led headlight

H4 LED headlight, 30 watt LED automobile led headlight. Completely replace HID lamp ballast.
Product Information:
Power: 30w
Light source: USA CREE XM-L2 leds
Operating voltage: 12-24v DC
Waterproof rate: IP 68
Optional color: silver
Color temperature: 6000K
Housing material: Aviation aluminum
Heat dissipation: wide area of red copper, aviation aluminum for fast heat dissipation
Lumen: 3600 lm
Life span: above 30000 hours
Operating temperature: -40℃~+80℃
Weight: 0.55kg/pair

15 watt to 30 watt led downlight use 5630 SMD LEDs

Product Features    
  1. Using advanced back-light technology and have high lighting effect
  2. No flickering,no RF interference,no uv radiation
  3. Proprietary design with aluminum for excellent thermal management
  4. Easy to install and maintenance-free
Illuminant parameters  
Input voltage:AC85-265V;           LED Type: SMD5630(LUMENMAX)
Color Temperature: 2800K-7500K (White/Warm white)
Beam angle: 120°                         Light decay:3000Hrs<3%
Power factor (PF) :≥0.95;           Color index (CRI) :≥85Ra
Frequency (Hz) :47 to 63Hz;       Humidity range:5 to 95% R.H.
Work temperature:-20~+50℃;     Storage temperature:-40~+85℃
LED life span: 50,000 hours;       Warranty: 3 years
Appearance parameters  
Shell: Aluminum and PC cover
Shell Color: White face ring with black radiator