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DC Motor Control Switch governor battery charging light dimmer

(image for) DC Motor Control Switch governor battery charging light dimmer
DC Motor Control Switch governor battery charging light dimmer
  • Model: 5A-DC-motor-pwm-speed-control-tb
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IGBT DC dimmer, PWM DC Dimmer, DC dimmer for battery charging lighting. 12v-40v 5A DC motor PWM governor switch for speed control,  5A Mini LED PWM Motor Speed Control Dimmer with Switch.

PWM DC Motor Speed Control Switch Governor 12V-40V 5A DC 12v 24v 36v 48v 60v 72V

5A PWM Mini LED Dimming Speed Controlled by Switch

Working Voltage Option: DC 12v 24v 36v 48v 60v 72V

This dimmer can be application for constant voltage driver LED lighting, it adopted the most advanced PWM (pulse-width-modulation) digital brightness-adjusting technology that enables you adjust the brightness with the infinite knob. It can be able to meet different requirements for brightness in different times with the dimmer. It also can prolong the LED's time and reduce energy consumption, it is suitable for dimming high-power and low-power LED lights.


The DC Motor Speed Controller with a Power-On switch, which controls the speed of a DC motor by adjusting Pulse-Width-Modulated (PWM).

Product parameter:

Operating voltage option: DC 12v 24v 36v 48v 60v 72V

Control Power: base on voltage 10% - 100%.

Static Current/Quiescent Current: 0.015A(standby)

The Duty Cycle of PWM: 10% to 100%. Note that Due to the large Capacitor to control motors, the PWM variable of dimming could range between 30 percent and 100 percent in the case of the constant voltage of driver LED lights.

PWM frequency: 10KHZ

Size: 40mm x 23mm x 18mm

Instructions for operation:

1.Before you attempt to connect the controller, ensure that the power is turned off.

2.Please make sure that all connections are checked prior to applying power. It can cause damage if you connect the voltage of the supply with incorrect the polarity.

3.Turn off the motor and then adjust the potentiometer.The LED will indicate the power level and speed of the motor.

4.You can regulate how fast the motor runs by using a the potentiometer.



1.Please avoid direct connection your AC (for example: home 220V AC ),otherwise it will get burned!

2.The terminals for the positive and negative in the DC power supply cannot be reversed, or else the governor can be damaged.

3.Turn off power source before you make any wiring changes.

4.We recommend that you add an appropriate rated fuse in to the supply of positive in order to prevent any damage from occurring.

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