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LED wardrobe lights with sensor wardrobe LED lighting solutions application for Cabinet, Shoe Cabinet, Porch, Mirror Cabinet, Desk, Wardrobe, Wine Cabinet

(image for) LED wardrobe lights with sensor wardrobe LED lighting solutions application for Cabinet, Shoe Cabinet, Porch, Mirror Cabinet, Desk, Wardrobe, Wine Cabinet
LED wardrobe lights with sensor wardrobe LED lighting solutions application for Cabinet, Shoe Cabinet, Porch, Mirror Cabinet, Desk, Wardrobe, Wine Cabinet
  • Model: 6x9mm-Wardrobe-led-lights-ZSJR
  • Shipping Weight: 0.5 lbs

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LED lights for cabinet doors and porch, as well as the mirror in the shoe cabinet desk wardrobe. LED Wardrobe integrated lights, connected wire with DuPont connector, LED Driver, led , as in addition to a sensor switch. It is led wardrobe lighting solutions, led wardrobe lights with sensor, wardrobe led strip lights, led wardrobe lights kits, wardrobe interior lights, mains powered wardrobe lights, motion sensor wardrobe light. Application for Cabinet, Shoe Cabinet, Porch, Mirror Cabinet, Desk, Wardrobe, Wine Cabinet. 

The price per unit is per meter that include LED light which are connected to wires with DuPont connector 24V or 12V Drivers' Power Supplies Switch for sensors ( But , too many sensors require an additional expense ).

Five easy steps to complete your lighting plan in your home:

1. Select the style that you like from our Wardrobe LED lighting fixtures as well as their hue temperature.LED lights are installed in the closet and above the lighting to illuminate drawers within

2. Find the total amount of wattage and length units meters of LED light strips. This is the amount you'll require to purchase. It is important to note that the Wardrobe LED light consumes 12W for each meter.
Write down entire Watts. This information will be required when you select the driver you would like to employ.

3. It is broken down into sections and the length of each segment is determined by ( we'll take 30-40-50-60-70 80 90 100 110cm for the minimum) In addition how long wire that is in DuPont connector.

4. Choose the best method for managing your lighting. We offer four types of sensors. Please let me know the amount of each, the kind of switch you want along with the size of the wire provided DuPont connector. One sensor switch is enough in the event you choose to use a single Transformer.
Our Wardrobe led light is PWM DC dimmable, But the price not included DC dimmer, In this link you can buy ohter DC dimmable led bulb and DC dimmer.

The sensor selection:
A sensor based on PIR is intended to be used in an cabinet or armoire.
The broad detection range of the sensor means it can be mounted at the rear of the cabinet should it be required.
Touch Lighting Switch with built-in installation Aluminum Alloy Shell control led Lighting off and back on to manage Wardrobe Lights, Cabinet Lights.
Two Door Sensor Switch for Cabinets and Wardrobe Doors.
Gesture sensor switch can be turned off/on, allowing you to regulate Wardrobe Lights Cabinet Lights.

5. If you opt for a 12V or 24V Transformer for the LED Driver will accept the wattage of 24 36 48 60 100, 150. You can choose to use only one sensor switch if you select one Transformer.

The led strip is capable of producing 100 lumens per Watt. CRI>80

12V 24V Energy Supply for LEDs AC 100-240V Constant Voltage LED 12V Driver Power Cabinet for Supply Transformer Porch Wine Cabinet
Utilizing "DuPont connector"which is the common name which refers to various kinds of 0.1" pitch connectors.

It comes with 1.5meter cord. It includes 1.5meter extension cord which safer and comfortable to use, reliable and practical.
Application: Provides the flexibility of putting it on the porch, mirror for shoe cabinets, desk drawers and many more.
A household power supply It's stable with an anti-interference circuit output as also circuit protection, which makes it a fantastic home power source.
7 ports. Seven outlets are connected to this power source. This means it can support many electric appliances, with smaller amount of wiring

Power feature:
1. Utilizing PC's fire-retardant materials and an insulation rubber shell power supply has outstanding heat resistance.
2. 1.5 meters long cord provides additional convenience and flexibility. 1.5 millimeter long cord gives an additional level of convenience and flexibility to the cord offers, in addition to guaranteeing safety.
3. There are six ports on the power supply , which allows it to power multiple electrical devices by using less complicated wiring.
4. High stability and anti-interference circuit output along with circuit security. It's a great home power source.
5. The cabinets can be utilized in many different ways mirror cabinet, shoe cabinet porch, on wardrobes, desks, and more.

It is a kind of product: LED Power Supply
The material used in the product is PC
Product Model 12V or 24V
For inputs: AC 100-240V
Connector specifications US Plug or Europen alternative
The Output Voltage is 24V
Interface Type: DuPont connector Jump Wire Interface
Cable Length: Approx. 1.5metre / 4.9ft
Work Temperature and Humidity: -10degC +60degC 20-90%RH
Storage Temperature and Humidity: -20degC +60degC 10-95%RH
It's the Application Cabinet, Shoe Cabinet, Porch, Mirror Cabinet, Desk, Wardrobe, Wine Cabinet.

1. Before using, confirm whether the product has been damaged during transportation. If it's been damaged, it cannot be used or installed.
2. Don't attempt to fix the problem yourself. You need the assistance of experts.

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