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GU10 MR16 led compatible with halogen electronic transformer/Ballasts, Cree LED chip, Gu10 led bulb 12v replacement

(image for) GU10 MR16 led compatible with halogen electronic transformer/Ballasts, Cree LED chip, Gu10 led bulb 12v replacement
GU10 MR16 led compatible with halogen electronic transformer/Ballasts, Cree LED chip, Gu10 led bulb 12v replacement
  • Model: MR16GU10-P-dimm-7WCreeCOB-SZLK
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Gu10 led bulb 12v replacement, MR16 led compatible with halogen transformer. MR16 LED bulb GU10 LED bulb using Cree LED chip, compatible with halogen transformer driver/Ballasts and DC 12V PWM dimmable. If you hope use for Dylanite 0-10V dimmer wall switch, Lutron 0-10V dimmer wall switch, And other Brand 0-10V dimmer wall switch, The output of your 0-10V transformer driver/Ballasts must be DC 12V PWM dimming ( this is new design etectronic transformer driver/Ballasts. Most old design electronic transformer driver/Ballasts is AC output and To increase efficacy while limiting EMI, electronic ballasts typically operate at a frequency between 20 and 60 kHz., Nothing led bulb is dimmable for this electronic transformer driver/Ballasts, for example ELB Electronics 0-10V T8 Ballasts, Metrolight Smart Electronic Ballasts for HID )
GU10 or MR16 option, 7 watt LED light bulbs, Dimension diameter 50mm, Using 1 pcs 7 watt Cree or philips 304 COB LED, 
15 24 36 60 degree beam option,   
2700k, 3000k, 4000k, 6000k light color option. 
CRI option: 80 or 95. Let us know your thoughts. Low CRI will produce higher output Lumens than high, But High CRI lighting delivers extraordinary color quality, making your home's colors appear richer, more natural and vibrant. Hospitals, museums, print studios, retail shops, and other places that require high-quality lighting are advised to have a CRI of at least 90.
Light output 440 lumens, comparable to 50 watt incandescent bulb or halogen bulb, DC/AC 12v operation. This is Non-Dimmmable led bulb. This led bulbs can be as replacement of Philips 414797 - 10MR16/END/1 MR16 Flood LED Light Bulb. 

The MR16 LED Driver is a driver that makes MR16 LED Lamps compatible to Most Electronic Transformers, MR16 led compatible with halogen transformer.

There are some differences in operating low frequency AC transformers as well as electronic transformers which provide the current for MR16 lamps. There are also variations with regard to the power draw of MR16 lamps that are halogen and MR16 led lamps. These distinctions usually prevent the MR16 led lamp from working with the majority of electronic transformers. This article will explain the process of implementing the High-Brightness (HB) led driver designed specifically for MR16 lamps will enable LED lamps to work with the majority of electronic transformers.

This article focuses on the differences in how low-frequency AC transformers, as well as the electronic ones that provide the current for MR16 lamps. This article also discusses the differences in the current draw of MR16 Halogen lamps as well as MR16 led lamps. These differences are significant since the draw currently hinders the MR16 lamps from functioning with all electronic transformers. This article will explain the way the high-brightness (HB) driver for LEDs that is optimized specifically for MR16 lamps can allow LED lamps to function with the majority of electronic transformers. This article, however, does not go into the operation that is flicker-free for the electronic transformer and dimmer combination used for LED lamps with MR16.

The importance of resistive loads and Electronic Transformers

MR16 Halogen lamps typically use an low-voltage AC source, which is typically produced by an high-frequency AC transformer or the high-frequency electronic transformer. In the majority of MR16 applications it is the high-voltage AC that is supplied from electric power providers is converted into low-voltage AC through a high-frequency electronic transformer or the low-frequency magnetic transformer. A high-frequency electronic transformer comes with one primary winding which connects directly to 120VAC/230VAC. It makes use of high frequency switching to supply the lower voltage (12VAC) that is then applied to the MR16 the halogen lamp.

The low-frequency AC transformer is large and heavy, and takes up lots of space. An electronic transformer is compact and compact, and it is made to power the resistance of a load with an average power requirement of 20W. If the electronic transformer's power source is 120VAC/230VAC it will fail when the resistive load on its output draws less than.

Halogens used in conventional MR16 lamps draw over 20 watts of energy from an AC source in normal conditions of operation, which is why they are compatible using electronic transformers. LED MR16 lamps however, require just 7W of power to produce the same level of light output similar to 35W MR16 Halogen lamp.

Brightness and Resistive Loads

An MR16 Halogen lamp functions as an nonlinear resistive load. When the lamp is at a cold temperature its resistance is low and it draws high currents , which help in the operation of electronic transformers. After the lamp has started to light up the filament heats up and its resistance rises. The typical 35W Halogen light will draw 35W at 120VAC/230VAC when powered through an magnetic or electronic transformer. Because the halogen lamp is an electrical load, its brightness will decrease when the voltage drops below nominal. However, the brightness will increase when the voltage of the line increases from the nominal.

The brightness increases and the brightness decreases. This is not the regular procedure that is required by the majority of applications in the present. It is , however, possible to maintain your brightness level of an MR16 LED lamp in the same range in the event that the line changes around the its nominal input voltage. However, LED MR16 lamps aren't resistive loads, as the electronic transformers need. Thus, the load behaviour that an LED MR16 lamp must be altered so that it can draw the required power to achieve the required light output and also keep the electronic transformer operating.

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