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5W led UVC 278nm+UVA 395nm LED bulb for Disinfection cabinet

(image for) 5W led UVC 278nm+UVA 395nm LED bulb for Disinfection cabinet
5W led UVC 278nm+UVA 395nm LED bulb for Disinfection cabinet
  • Model: E27E14-5w-UVC-UVA-265V-ZSHLX
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5W led UVC 278nm+UVA 395nm  LED bulb for Disinfection cabinet
Output Power: 5W
Beam Angle:  360 Degrees
Using 20 pcs UVC 278nm led chip+ 20 pcs UVA 395nm led chip, Power emission 8~10mW UVC or 10~25mW UVA each led chip 
Aluminium Housing
Demension: 35MM diameter, MOL 70mm
E14 E27 B22 base option
Input Voltage: AC85-265V Wide voltage and constant current design, It can work on Mains voltage at AC110V, AC120V, AC220V, AC230V, AC240V, And all other mains voltage between AC85V and AC265V.
Operation in environment: -20°C to 50°C
Life Span: 30k Hrs

Why is this Disinfection light bulb required to be combined with UVA and UVC? Because UVA and UVC have different Feature.

UVC Features The UVC wavelength (also known as short-wave ultraviolet sterilization) is below 280nm. It is weak in penetrating and can not penetrate most transparent plastics and glass. The human body is very vulnerable to short-wave ultraviolet radiation. The skin can be burned by short-term UV exposure. Skin cancer can also be caused by long-term, high-intensity skin exposure. As ultraviolet germicidal lamps, short-wave ultraviolet radiation can be used.

UVA Features  The UVA wavelength is between 320-390nm. Also known as the long-wave dark spot ultraviolet.
It is strong in penetration and can penetrate almost all transparent glass and plastics. It can penetrate the skin's dermis, kill elastic fibers and collagen, and even tan the skin. A special tinted glass tube can block all visible light so that insects can phototaxis.

When Operating All UVC LED Lamps, We Suggest Wear Anti-UV Glasses (≥ 200NM) or Use Our 'Remote Control System to Control then violet Light Ray for Long Time.

WARNING: This lamp emits dangerous UV-C radiation (risk group 3 acc. EN 62471) for germicidal use only. Direct exposure to UV-C radiation poses a health hazard for humans, animals and plants and may damage skin and eyes. Avoid any voluntary or involuntary exposure. Users must protect their eyes and skin to avoid injury. UV-C radiation can further cause the discoloration or even structural modi?cation of certain natural and synthetic materials near its source. Install and operate the UV-C lamp only as described in the user manual of the UV-C device. Put adequate safeguards in place to ensure safe installation and operation. Please refer to the user manual of the UV-C device for more details. Not intended for general lighting or medical applications. Disclaimer: Our UV-C lamps are not certi?ed or approved as medical devices and are therefore neither intended nor to be used as such. The use of our UV-C lamps contributes to reducing the concentration of microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses in the air and on exposed surfaces. However, surfaces which are not directly exposed to UV-C radiation will either not be disinfected at all or with a signi?cantly lower effectiveness. We do not warrant or guarantee that use of the UV-C lamps will protect or prevent any user from infection and/or contamination with any microorganism. The use of UV-C radiation does not replace protective measures, airing of the premises, cleaning, and other disinfection measures. Our UV-C lamp pose a minimum risk when installed and operated by professionals trained in their use. We denies all responsibility and liability for any claim or damage arising from or related to any use of the UV-C lamps outside of their intended use or contrary to their installation and operation instructions as described in the user instructions or user manual of the UV-C device.

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