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24V 60 Leds 4CH DMX512 decoder RGBW LED Strip Pixel LED Strip

(image for) 24V 60 Leds 4CH DMX512 decoder RGBW LED Strip Pixel LED Strip
24V 60 Leds 4CH DMX512 decoder RGBW LED Strip Pixel LED Strip
(image for) 24V 60 Leds 4CH DMX512 decoder RGBW LED Strip Pixel LED Strip
24V 60 Leds 4CH DMX512 decoder RGBW LED Strip Pixel LED Strip
  • Model: 10-IC-UCS512C4-60LED-RGBW-SZTRX
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24V 60 Leds 4CH DMX512 decoder RGBW Pixel LED Digital Strip, The unit price is each meter.
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This DMX512 RGBW led digital pixel strip is different with normal SPI led pixel strips. DMX512 RGBW led strip has in parallel signal.
DMX512 RGBW led pixel strip have following advantages that SPI led pixel strips do not have.
Parallel DMX512 signal could avoid RGBW LEDs color influenced by the failure of one light in serial connection.
There are 8bit DMX512 signal, 256 grayscale and 16 bit DMX512 signal, 65536 grayscale to choose which based on the DMX512 IC model
Using 10 pcs UCS512C4 IC chip 4CH DMX512 decoder each meter:
This UCS512 C4 IC chip protocol, also known as DMX512 IC, was designed by UCS New Technology Co. in China. It uses a standard DMX512 differential protocol to drive IC pixel another words, we can say TTL 485 protocol.
UCS512C4 offers all the same features as its RGB version, UCS512C3, but it is 4 channels output which is dedicated to RGBW design.
UCS512C4 Advantages:
Very High PWM rate 3.6KHZ allows for filming the pixels with around 120fps appromately.
External output constant current adjustable resistor, current range 3~60mA per channel to choose.
Presence of white LED allows for be independently controlled to create bolder and more vibrant colors than with RGB alone.
When write DMX512 address via the DMX512 address writer, no need to connect the address cable.
Maximum distance to write DMX address code is no relationship with the PI cable distance.
The UCS512C4 has a PWM reverse polarity frequency reduction output, allowing for external high current driver devices.
UCS512C4 Shortcomings:
8 bits of color resolution, 256 grayscale for each color makes dimming curves less smooth.
Couldn't wirte DMX512 address automatically.
 UCS512C4 applications:
DMX512 RGBW Pixel LED tapes from 5V - 24V that leds denstity from 32 leds - 120 leds. 
DMX512 LED pixel point lights, wall washer lights.
Stage lighting systems, video walls. 

Offer Gama correction curve of 1.0 or Gama correction curve of 2.2
Presence of white LED allows for higher brightness and more color mixing options.
4 colors LED allowing for tones that were previously hard to achieve with single RGB strip.
White and RGB can be independently controlled to allows us to create bolder and more vibrant colors than with RGB alone.
Entire one meter strip has 10 pixels ( 40 channels), 60 pcs RGBW leds on 12mm width pcb board.
This DMX512 RGBW IC chip is UCS512 C4 IC chip that is 485 TTL signal with A,B digital control interface. 
Communication between DMX512 led digital strips are synchronized perfectly under support of Artnet / DMX512 led controllers.
UCS512 C4 DMX512 RGBW led pixel tape strips DMX address need to be set via DMX address coder / controller.
When use our DMX address writer to mark the DMX addresses, no matter input end of strip or output end of strip, you can connect it to the DMX address writer to write the DMX512 address successfully.
Widely used in entertainment, stage,live performance like 3D effects and TV shows, etc. 
24V DMX512 RGBW 60 leds digital pixel strip is offered in both waterproof and non-waterproof versions allowing for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Basic Feature:
1. DMX512 RGBW RGBWW Pixel 60 LEDs Digital Strip
2. DC24V, 18W/M
3. 12mm width White / Black FPCB

4. Warm white 3000K, neutral white 4500K, Cool white 6500K to choose
5. 3M adhensive tape on backside of non-waterproof strip
6. Support K-1000C/ K-8000C/ YM-501 /DMX512, Artnet to control
7.Standard DMX512 Signal wire digital control interface A,B
8. Widely used in entertainment, stage, live performance, Disco Club and TV Show, etc

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