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MG6 Midget Groove Base (S5.7s) LED bulb Aviation indicator

(image for) MG6 Midget Groove Base (S5.7s) LED bulb Aviation indicator
MG6 Midget Groove Base (S5.7s) LED bulb Aviation indicator
  • Model: MG6-1SMD5050-1688DGAT
  • Shipping Weight: 0.04 lbs

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Midget Groove Small Indicator LED Light Bulbs, LED Indicator Bulbs, MG6 Midget Grooved Base (S5.7s) LED bulb as replacement of EAO 10-2J13.1064 - Single-LED.  Aviation indicator, Miniature lamp aircraft lighting, LED Aviation indicator light bulb   instrument panel LED light Torches Light bulb. Different color available. LED MINIATURE BULB, REPLACEMENT BULBS FOR MGG / MICRO GLUHLAMP MGG7388-07. Multi voltage LED bulb, Yellow light on dashboard, Green light symbol on dashboard.

Midget Grooved Base (S5.7s) Bulbs have a single contact on the bottom and a base diameter of 5.7millimeters. 
 T-1 3/4 (6mm) S5.7s (Midget Groove) Lamps for Signalisation; 
Midget Groove; S5.7s; Incandescent Lamps; 
Mechanical features Lamp size T-1 3/4 Socket Midget Groove (S5,7s) Diameter 6 mm
replace of Incandescent Lamps #337 Miniature Bulb Midget Groove Base, #336 Miniature Bulb Midget Groove Base , #379 Miniature Bulb Midget Groove Base, T1-3/4 Midget Groove Base, #334 Miniature Bulb Midget Groove Base, T1 3/4 

0.2 Watts LED INDICATOR LIGHT Polarity: Bottom contact must be connected to positive.You might need to reverse the polarity of the batteries (THE BULB NEEDS A SPECIFIC POLARITY TO WORK) Best results when the viewer has a bright white interior (especially the top where the lamp is pointed to) It will not work with vintage transformers (because they are AC) For some people the light will appear too blue. In this case, I recommend the halogen bulb.

Operation voltage: different operation voltage acceptable

Color option: Cool white, Warm white,  Red, Green, Blue,  Yellow

Power: Max 0.2 watt Lumen: Max 3-5 Lumens for cool white

Working Temperature: -35 to +55degree Celsius Color Temperature:2800~7000K

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