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Tuya Smart - ZigBee 3.0 temperature and humidity sensor

(image for) Tuya Smart - ZigBee 3.0 temperature and humidity sensor
Tuya Smart - ZigBee 3.0 temperature and humidity sensor
  • Model: temperature-humidity sensor-1688
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ZigBee temperature and humidity sensor provides accurate temperature and humidity measurements and stores this data in memory for one year. Broken down into days with hours, months and a year.

Zigbee 3.0 sensors ensure fast connectivity to your Zigbee Gateway in the event of a status change. Zigbee Mesh, more automation possibilities, local memory for parameters and devices.

Discover the completely new possibilities of the TUYA Smart Life system.
Unlike WiFi devices, automation is carried out locally on your gateway, not in the cloud, which gives you a big advantage in terms of runtime and functionality.

Attention! For this device, you need the TUYA ZigBee 3.0 gateway.

The measurement accuracy reaches 0.01 degrees.

An example of automation is shown below.

> If the temperature is higher than 22.75 degrees

> Then it sends a notification and switches off the heaters.

The automation rules can be configured according to:

Humidity: lower - equal - higher
Battery status
Temperature: lower - equal - higher
Specifications of Tuya Smart - ZigBee 3.0 temperature and humidity sensor:
ZigBee protocol: version 3.0 according to the standard: 802.15.4
Application compatibility: TUYA SMART LIFE
Measurement: temperature and humidity
Data logging: year
Battery: CR2032 (included) lasts approximately one year.
Working temperature: -20 +60 degrees Celsius
Working humidity: 0% - 99% non-condensing
Native application: Tuya
Compatible application: eWelink
Communication interface: ZigBee
Sensor type: Tight
Antenna type: built-in
Net weight: 10g
Status indicator: LED
Power supply: CR2032 battery
Dimensions: 4 x 0.8 cm
The basics of the Zigbee protocol:
The Zigbee protocol operates on the 2.4 GHz frequency which propagates well in the building.
Zigbee connectivity is MESH connectivity, which means that each Zigbee device acts as a relay for all other devices. If the remote sensor does not communicate with the Zigbee Gateway, it is sufficient that it has radio communication with another sensor that communicates with the gateway. The devices operate in a chain of mesh connections, ensuring a reliable and secure connection.
Zigbee devices and sensors consume very little power, resulting in a long battery life.
Devices using the Zigbee protocol connect to the control panel in case of a status change within 0.2 seconds. Wifi devices take about 5 seconds to connect to the Wifi network after a status change. ZigBee devices have a great advantage in smart rule automation.
Most of the configured automation of ZigBee devices is done at the local gateway. Not in the cloud. A typical rule> If motion is detected (PIR detector), turn on the light, the execution time is about 0.5 seconds.
The execution time of the same rule on WiFi devices is approximately 3-7 seconds.
The Zigbee gateway and Zigbee devices allow for much larger and longer storage of parameter data and device history. Door opening history, temperature history, motion detection history recorded months back.
TUYA SMART Zigbee 3.0 temperature and humidity sensor.
CR2032 battery
Instructions for pairing with the application

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