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USB Portable UV Light Sanitizing Sterilizer Box Wireless charger

(image for) USB Portable UV Light Sanitizing Sterilizer Box Wireless charger
USB Portable UV Light Sanitizing Sterilizer Box Wireless charger
  • Model: USB-Charger-UVC-BOX-1688tgs
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Portable UV Light Sanitizing USB Charging Sterilizer Box Safe for Smart Phones and other Sterilizer UV Sanitizers
How Do UVC LEDs Disinfect Pathogens? UVC energy is absorbed by nucleic acids inside the RNA and DNA, resulting in covalent bonds which at the right dose can render the pathogen unable to reproduce and infect. The most effective germicidal wavelength occurs with a peak between 260 nm to 270 nm, the point at which DNA absorbs UV energy the most.
Are UVC LEDs Effective Against COVID-19 (Coronavirus)? Crystal IS initiated a study with Boston University's National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL) to understand how SARS-CoV-2 responds to ultraviolet light across the emission range of Klaran UVC LEDs (260 nm to 270 nm) and at varying doses. Exposing the virus to a 5 mJ/cm2 dose of UVC light at 268 nm resulted in a 2.8 log reduction of the virus.
Multi-function: it is a UV sanitizer for daily use and also a qi wireless charger for your phone. You can sanitize your phone during the charging.
UV-C Light Kills Viruses: Sanitize your phone within few minutes to keep it clean, which helps you stay healthy.
Simple, Portable Design – Small enough to use in the bathroom, kitchen or nursery room these sterilizing boxes are easy to use, work quickly, and shut off automatically.
Wide Uses: Not only suitable for smartphones(Under 7 inches), toothbrush disinfection box, medical sterilizing box but also fit for watches, jewelry, glasses, keys, and other small items.
Quick sterilization: The UV sterilizer box can remove 99.99% of germs in 5 minutes.
Wide Range of Applications:vIn addition to disinfecting cell phones, you can also disinfect small items such as toothbrushes, During the disinfection of the cell phone, the cell phone can also be charged,
UV-A as heater Aromatherapy Function: 3-5drops recommended ). Once aromatherapy is added, press the incense button to start diffusing. A beep sound will be activated when diffusing has started and finished
UV Sterilizer Box: UV Sterilizer Box is equipped with a UV power lamp?
This sterilizer box can hold a smartphone up to 7.0 inches, inner size 40 X 100 X 182mm, outside 55 x 120 x 210mm
Type: UV Radiation Sterilization Equipments (Safe for all electrical equipment)
Instrument classification: Class I
advantages: Portable & Easy to use
Product name: smartphone sterilizer
UV Wave Length: 253.7nm
USB input Voltage: DC 5V 2A, 9V 2A 
USB connect wire: Type-C
Wireless charger: 7W, 7.5W, 10W, 15W
UV Light Power: 2W, Using 2 pcs UV-C led chip and 4 pcs  UV-A led chip
Certificates: CE FCC ROHS
Application: UV Sterilizer box,  charger
Material: PC, ABS
Colour: White

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