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5W blue color plan grow home accents Holiday jaundice led light

(image for) 5W blue color plan grow home accents Holiday jaundice led light
5W blue color plan grow home accents Holiday jaundice led light
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5 watt led plant grow light, led grow lights, grow lights for plants, best led grow lights, growing plants indoors with artificial light, best grow lights, how to make grow lights for indoor plants, how to use grow lights for indoor plants. It mixed red color and blue color, The light output: the blue 460nm light, Red light 660nm light. This plant grow bulb with 120 degree beam.

Home Accents Holiday LED Lights,  jaundice led light.
What Light Is Used in Phototherapy for Jaundice?
Phototherapy is performed with a special type of light and not ultraviolet light. In phototherapy, shining fluorescent lights from the bili-light lamps are used on the bare skin of newborns. A specific wavelength of this light used in this therapy can break down the bilirubin into a form that the body can get rid of through urine and stool.
It looks blue, and it may emit light in the blue-green spectrum with wavelengths of 430-490 nm. This therapy is given with a lamp known as a bili-light or with a bili-blanket.

The scientist find that the blue 400~520nm light, Red light 610~720nm, Orange 613~620nm are best rays for plant photosynthesis. LED grow lamp provides the right rays. Spectrum-tailored grow light is plant specific and more efficient than incandescent. The Plant LED grow lamp uses LEDs to generate the specific colors of light that plants use most efficiently for vigorous growth and health. Increase florescence time much more. For example, For the flower in vase indoor, The florescence increased to 20 days is not impossible. Especially useful in indoor plant and stove plant. If this bulb as outdoor lamp, The fixture must be water-proof.

Blue Light: Helps with the overall plant phototropism work.
Red Light: Suitable for promoting photosynthesis, sprouting, as well as blossom. Also, it contributes to the synthesis of chlorophyll and the formation of flower pigments.

This led bulb  using 24 pcs 5730 LED Chip
Voltage: AC/DC 24~36V, AC100~130V, AC220V~240V opetation option
Base option:  E14, E27, B22 option
Color option: Blue only, Red only, R&B=8:1,  R&B=3:1, R&B=1:1
Size: 36 mm diameter MOL 86 mm

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