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How to choose led fluorescent replacements?

There are different kind led fluorescent replacement tube on the market.

1. The popular design led fluorescent replacements is wide voltage operation which can work on worldwide mains voltage operation, It is ac 85v ~ ac 265v . 50~60Hz.  And the size of tube can be T5, T8, T10, T12. Due to the T8, T10, T12 has same base which is G13, So it can be as all T8~T12 fluorescent replacements. And popular design led tube must remove the ballast  and starter which fit on the fluorescent fixture. This kind led tube is old design but it was already production many years, It will be cheap and quality good.  See here link how to install led fluorescent replacements. 

2. The newest design is Electronic Ballast compatiable LED tube.  The kind led fluorescent tube can working with existing magnetic and electroic ballast, you install tube directly without removing the starters.   No electronical work required for installation, directly replaces T8,T10 and T12 bi-pin fluorescent tubes.
3. Infra-red sensor LED tube or remote controlled led fluorescent tube.
    When cars or person coming into active area, it will be lighted at 100% of power,effective induction distance is 5-10 metres.  While cars or person left inductive area 15 seconds later, it will be lighted at 20% of power or customized,can save 60%-70% energy.
    And some led replacement tube is remote controlleable.

4. Low voltage 12 volt and 24 volt operation led fluorescent tube. This kind led replacement tube is application for cars,  Bus, Boats or solor power lighting system. And most type is T5  LED tube.

5. DALI bus LED fluorescent tube. This kind is suitable for computer controlled lighting system. Nobody home user will using this kind led tube as led house lights replacements.

When you calculate the lumens of led lights replacement, You must consider the bulb is directional light bulb or non-directional light bulb (this is very important). For example, The compact fluorescent light tube is 360 degree beam light output, And the LED ligth tube is 120 degree beam light output. The lumens of 36 watt CFL is about 3200 lumens, If you use led light tube as repalcement, computational formula is (3200/360)*120 (this is consider the beam angle of directional light)+(3200/2)*50% (this is consider the lumens of reflect light) =1866 lumens of led light tube is enough.

For the cost of led light tubes, Isolated driver led fluorescent replacement tubes will more expensive about US$2.5~US$5.00 than Non-isolated driver led fluorescent replacement tubes.  Dimmable led fluorescent replacement tubes will more expensive about US$2.5~US$5.00 than non-dimmabe led fluorescent replacement tubes.

See also LED tube lights compared to Standard fluorescent tubes.

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