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LED light bulbs, components led lights driver and LED products including home and car led bulbs, Dimmer wall switch, RGBW LED Strip, digital rgb led strip, smart led bulb, zigbee smart bulbs, LED machine work light and more. All products are available for you.

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Several years ago, LED lamps found themselves on the edge of mainstream technology. According to the Lighting Research Center, LED bulbs work by combining positive and negative currents to release light energy. The result is a fast light source that is reliable, immediate and dimmable. CFL and bulbs indicate how much energy is needed to consume them over time. They also last much longer than traditional light bulbs and only cost about a dollar more per bulb. However, one of the biggest disadvantages of compact fluorescent lamps is that it takes a few moments to warm them up and reach full brightness. We recommend using these lamps in luminaires with good ventilation. Using high power LED or multiple white LED as a replacement for tungsten filament lamps and halogen bulbs. LED (Light Emitting Diode) emits white light from 2700 to 8000 degree Kelvin color temperature. We provide LED bulbs for automobiles and a wide range of Light-emitting diode house lights. They are including LED floodlight bulbs, Spotlight led bulbs and track lighting led bulbs, colored and LED color changing lights, and more. We also have high power LED light bulbs using the newest SMD power LED technology. These led light bulb output more light while using even less electricity. It can be used with your existing light fittings. It is available as Edison E27, MR16 (2 pins), GU10 (bayonet), JC G4 LED bulbs, PAR series fittings. Green Light Source, Energy efficient lighting products, LED home lighting Manufacturer in China. OEM arrangement is acceptable.
LED house lights:
It is including GU10 LED, MR16 LED, MR11 LED, G9 LED bulb, G4 LED bulb, G6.35 LED bulb, GY6.35 LED bulb, GX53 LED bulb, GX70 LED BulbCFL replacement led bulbs , RGBW LED Strip, Pixel LED Strip, DMX512 RGBW Pixel LED Digital Strip, digital rgb led strip, Red blue color led light, make grow lights for indoor plants, LED Fluorescent tube replacement, E27 and E26 medium screw base Globe led bulbs, E11 E12 and E14 Candle light base all kind LED house lights. 2G10 2G11 LED bulb. LED Neon Sign Lighting. LED house lights can be Dimmable LED Light bulbs and non-dimmable led light bulb.
Warehouse and factories lighting:
Industrial warehouse lighting is including Halospot 111 led replacement, r7s osram replacement, R7S LED bulb, DALI led downlights, Smart led downlights, G12 LED bulb and GU6.5 LED bulb. G8.5 LED bulb and GU6.5 LED bulb are replacement of bulbs that have a G53, G12 or GU6.5 base with two hooks which have a spacing of 12 mm or 6.5 millimeters. Home Metal Halide Bulbs, Metal Halide Specialty Lamps G12 base or GU6.5 base LED Light bulbs as T6 G12 base and GU6.5 base halogen light bulbs replacement, It is designed to replace traditional G12 or GU6.5 halogen reflector lamps and halogen capsules in general lighting applications.
DMX512 Decoder and LED Driver, DMX512 Decode Pixel LED Digital Strip, WS2812B LED flexible strip, WS2812B LED rigid strip, Zigbee led light and Wi-Fi led light, Smart led downlights, smart led bulbs for google home, smart bulbs for alexa, smart bulbs amazon, smart led downlight kit.
Warehouse led lights included AR111 LED bulb led replacements, E40 LED wharehouse led lights, PAR38 and LED high bay lights for warehouse and factories as HID high bay lights replacements. LED pool light bulb.
LED bulbs for cars and boats:
LED lights for boats. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) have been turning up all over the place. From our led online store, You can buy all kinds of Miniature LED Bulb, Included LED tail lights, LED brake lights, LED reversing bulbs, LED indicator bulbs, instrument panel LED light, on recreational boats for anchor lights, LED park lights, Festoon led lights which the ends with the dimple, Festoon led bulbs which the ends with the point, LED trailer lights, LED truck lights, LED warning lights, LED bike lights, motorcycle led tail lights, automotive LED replacement bulbs 12V operation. It is including led headlamps, headlights for trucks, headlamp led bulbs for boats and cars, T10 LED, T15 LED, T20 LED, T25 LED, Compare Different Bayonet based part no. 1156, 1157, 1142, 47386, 7507, H1 LED, H7 LED, H8 LED, BA15S LED, 24V LED lights for boats. , led bulbs 12 volt, 12V car LED, led light bulb cars, led tail lights, led car bulbs, led lights car, led tail lights, They are 12 volt or 24 volt Low voltage operation led lighting. From our onlne led store, You can buy low voltage operation led globe bulbs which can operate on DC 12V, DC 24 volt, DC 36 volts, DC 48 volts, DC 60 volts. 24V marine LED, 36V LED light bulbs, 60V led light bulbs. Marine & Nautical Ceiling Interior led Lights, 12V 24V 36V 48V Marine & Nautical Ceiling Lights, Recessed Mount Interior Lights. Please note that DC 24V operation led light bulb is not suitable for 24v boat lighting system, The reason is that the Short voltage spikes of 24V boat will over 30V. For DC 24V boat light system, The operation voltage range of led bulbs must be from 24 volts to 40 volts. Machine light bulbs, LED bulb for machine tools are are light bulbs that are designed for use in marine applications such as boats, yachts, boat slips, marinas, etc. Specific applications for marine bulbs are chart lights, underwater spreader lights, led boat drain plug underwater light LED marine lights, hull lights, navigation lights, courtesy lights, engine lights, etc.
LED Commercial Light fixtures, LED Pin Spot Track Lights:
LED Commercial Light fixtures, DALI compatible lights, DALI LED downlights. LED track fixture also call as pin spot track lights, pin spot track lighting, pin spot lighting, dimmable led pinspot, wireless pin spot lights, magnetic pin spot lighting? LED track fixture there are three complete systems of line voltage, single circuit track lighting. The 2-Wire “L”, the 3-Wire “H”, and the Wide 2-Wire “J” systems .. These systems are not interchangeable. The overall look is exactly the same. They differ in the way they each fit into the track. ? Most low voltage track heads are available in 120V 50W and 75W. All styles are equipped with a self-contained electronic transformer that generally will work with standard incandescent dimmers. (with the exception of ALL Metal Halide Fixtures). Pin Spot Track fitting which already comes with LED and Halogen light sources, and a wide choice of colour finishes is now available in metal halide. We can offer a high output light source, mounted on track giving a unique combination for retail and leisure applications. The pin spot track lighting use for retail store, the jewelry displays, store fixtures, retail sign holders and retail clothing racks business.
Here link show you how to mount the track for pinspot lights.

Something to know before you buy it:
Check the operation voltage of your existing bulb and whether has dimmer in your lamp fixture: Low voltage operation led light bulb included 12V car LED, 24V marine LED, 36V LED bulb and 48V LED bulb. Mains voltage operation included 110V LED bulb, 220V led bulb and 120-277V LED bulb. We have one sub-catalogue LED light bulbs can work on all the mains voltage between AC 85V and 265V. 
LED light bulbs isn't resistive load, LEDs are current-driven which means that the intensity of the light they generate depends on the amount of electric current flowing them. Nothing dimmable LED Light bulbs can suitable for different kind dimmer which use for incandescent bulb. Because incandescent bulb is resistive load, The dimmer for incandescent bulbs is using different way to adjust the voltage. So when you choose dimmable led bulb, Be sure know that what kind dimming technology and what kind control protocol of dimmer are used in your lamp fixture. You can buy LED dimmer switch, IGBT dimmer, Dimmer wall switch, reverse phase dimmer switch, DMX512 Decoder and LED Driver, DALI LED dimmer, LED transformer Dimmable driver and DC dimmer switch from our website.  
Check the Size: Not all LED light bulbs are the same size as your existing halogen light bulbs. Some LED light bulbs are slightly larger than normal halogen bulbs, so check the dimensions of the bulb before you buy as it might not fit in your light fitting.
Base Configuration: When you buy led light bulb, You must match the base sizes. Be careful to choose lamp cap or call as lamp holder base, Most common household fixtures have pin or Edison, also known as screw-in bases. Types of lamp bases include:
1. Miniature Candelabra base: Type E11, E12. A small bulb base, frequently used in chandeliers. E10 LED, E10 base teaching experiment, Student DIY, Circuit Electrical Test. These E10 Miniature Screw Base Light Bulbs have a variety of uses. Compatible with many power tools and use on experiment.
2. Candelabra base: Type E14, E17. A slightly larger bulb base, used in chandeliers, light sconces and other small fixtures
3. Intermediate base: A bulb base between the candelabra and medium sizes, commonly used in ceiling fans
4. Medium screw base: Type E26 or E27, The bulb base design for standard light bulbs, used in most lamps and overhead light fixtures
5. Bi-pin base: Type G4, G5.3, G6.35, GY6.35, G8.5, G12, Gx5.3, MR11, MR16, GU10, GU24, GU5.3, GU6.5 and more other Bi-Pins types. A standard base for small light bulbs. How do I choose G4 LED, G5.3 LED, GY6.35 LED?
6. Fluorescent base: Type G5, G13, G23 LED, G24 LED (note that the length of American standard is different from European standard ), GX23 LED, GX24 LED, 2G11 LED, 2G10 LED, 2G7 LED, G10q LED. These base use for LED fluorescent tube replacement and LED CFL replacement. These fluorescent led replacements can be use for 2d led replacement, 38 watt 2d led replacement, 28w 2d fitting led replacement, ge 2d led replacement,28w 2d led conversion, 4 pin led bulb, 2d led replacement.
Check the Lumens and the beam angle: Lumen output of the bulb is a measure of its brightness. The higher the figure, the brighter the LED bulbs. Some LED light bulbs give a false impression of brightness as they have a very narrow beam, resulting in a bright light but that is only very narrow in size.
Calculate watts: Calculating the replacement of a lamp for a light bulb, compact fluorescent lamp and halogen lamp for an LED lamp is not easy. In the case of a directional lamp (this is very important) the table is roughly listed below. For directional lamp (this is very important), Chart was about below listed. But for non-directional lamp, Power consume of LED bulb must be increased about 50%. 1W LED = 3W CFL = 15W Incandescent lamp = 8W Halogen lamp
3W LED = 8W CFL = 25W Incandescent lamp = 24W Halogen lamp
4W LED = 11W CFL = 40W Incandescent lamp = 32W Halogen lamp
8W LED = 15W CFL = 75W Incandescent lamp = 64W Halogen lamp
12W LED = 20W CFL = 100W Incandescent lamp = 96W Halogen lamp
Color Temperature: Understand white colors can be Warm White (Color Temperature 2700K to 3500k), Daylight white also said as Cool White (5000K to 6500K), Natural white (4000K to 4500K).


We have thirty engineers specialize in Electronic & Mechanical engineering for lighting project engineering. We would like to cooperate with you to develop new products which are suitable for your market. We also supply WiFi smart circuit plug, WiFi smart circuit switch, WiFi smart circuit breaker and all kind of LED energy saving light bulbs and lighting with a wide stock of carefully selected energy saving LED light bulbs from leading manufacturers. Welcome home user buy LED lights from here as replacement for tungsten filament lamps.

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